Sanela 24.05.2019. 17:25 am

We agreed to meet tomorrow in Zivinice. In what way is she helping?

Pavao 24.05.2019. 17:26 am

She has already helped you together with me from day one. She knows all about you, just like me.

Pavao 24.05.2019. 17:27 am

She is a part of the team that is with you. You can ask her whatever you want about anything.

Pavao 24.05.2019.17:28 am

She will give you some energised water, with a structure made for you, as well as some recipes. Listen to her, I have faith in her.

Pavao 24.05.2019. 17:29 am

You can ask me later about what she tells you, if you don’t understand. Sometimes it is a little hard to understand some messages.

Sanela 24.05.2019. 17:31 am

Aha, you told me about her, preacher It’s a deal, I’ll listen to her How much should I pay her?

Pavao 24.05.2019. 17:36 am

As far as I know, she charges something and tells you how much.

Sanela 24.05.2019. 17:38 am