Sanela 09.01.2019. 08:02 am

The doctor who put me in touch with the hospital came last night. He didn’t offer a 1% chance that I could be cured without their th. He said clearly, if you don’t accept [therapy], you will have serious leukaemia. If you accept, you’ll be cured 97%

Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:02 am

That is enough for the time being

Sanela 09.01.2019. 08:03 am

And it’s a mess

Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:04 am Aha. Usually there are those three [per cent]. As a rule, everyone squeezes in those three per cent.
Sanela 09.01.2019. 08:04 am


Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:05 am See how I’m adding more fuel to the fire.
Sanela 09.01.2019. 08:05 am


Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:06 am A therapist who is not ready to have his patient hate him probably shouldn’t get involved in this job.
Sanela 09.01.2019. 08:06 am

An American in my democracy

Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:08 am There is no cure for what they pinned on you and what they called it. Not under those circumstances, because whatever you do will make that stay inside you. New circumstances, new luck. God, how simple it is.
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:08 am They can apply various procedures and chemicals to extend your survival in this incarnation at the cost of very bad quality survival, but still it’s survival for as long as you have money and in the end they will tell you... f*** it.
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:10 am I’ll help you a little after all.
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:10 am So, your body is poisoned at every level.
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:11 am So, you must cleanse it at all those levels.
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:11 am Physical
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:11 am Psychic
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:11 am Mental
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:11 am There will be a completely new you with new inputs
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:12 am You don’t need a university degree to figure out what the result will be
Pavao 09.01.2019. 08:12 am God has not erred for a long time.