Sanela 29.09.2020. 11:42 am

Teacher, not a word from you

Pavao 29.09.2020. 12:29 am

I’m in Tuzla with Meliha. I’ll write to you later.

Sanela 29.09.2020. 12:30 am


Pavao 29.09.2020. 17:19 am

: I could barely approach Sanela, she is very angry, full of strong feelings.

Pavao 29.09.2020. 17:19 am

Nervous system is pretty shaken, blood flow has slowed down. Throat inflamed and red, lungs are OK, stomach lining inflamed, stomach ducts inflamed, liver is good. Pancreas has a disruption, it’s working more slowly, the colour is not good. Intestines are inflamed, there are many sores at the end, one small bit at the end is covered with sores. Bladder inflamed, some bacteria in the bladder. Uterus doesn’t have a good colour, the female part is very contracted. Joints are inflamed all over the body. The heart is good, but it seems tired out, the flow of blood to and from the heart has slowed down. Blood looks much thicker than before when I observed her.

Pavao 29.09.2020. 17:19 am

The spiritual part looks good, seems happy and contented

Sanela 29.09.2020. 17:24 am

Please, let’s talk

Sanela 30.09.2020. 10:49 am

Teacher, can we talk?