Sanela 11.07.2020. 13:22 pm

We are on our way to Kladusa. Has the jeweller contacted you?

Pavao 11.07.2020. 13:36 pm

She went there to pick up the pendant and he charged nothing and he made it very clear that it was for free and he hasn’t called me because he didn’t gift that gold to her because I allegedly said so, so he will call me during working hours on Monday as he doesn’t want to interrupt me at the weekend, that is what he said when she asked why he didn’t call right away.

Sanela 11.07.2020. 13:40 pm

Well, nice... Adisa is a mediator again, a successful one again, I hope

Pavao 11.07.2020. 13:41 pm

She asked me worriedly if I knew anything about Parkinson’s disease. I told her I didn’t know anything.

Pavao 11.07.2020. 13:41 pm

I have read a little bit about it

Pavao 11.07.2020. 13:41 pm

And heard things here and there